3 Things You Must Do After Buying a Car

Whether you’ve bought a new or used car from the dealership or the guy off the internet, there are a few steps to complete after the purchase. Completing these steps will ensure that you are legally driving the vehicle and free of headaches that can make the happiness of the purchase dwindle quickly. The three things listed below are among the most important steps to complete after buying a vehicle.

1.    Buy Auto Insurance: WA drivers are required to carry minimum amounts of auto insurance per state law. It is a crime to drive a registered vehicle without the proper amounts of auto insurance. New car buyers may not be able to leave the dealership without insurance in place.

2.    Register the Vehicle: Every vehicle must be registered to the owner with the city/state. A sticker is placed on the car once it’s been registered and you’re then legally able to drive the car. Learn how to register a vehicle in wa and make sure this is done pretty quickly after purchase to avoid serious consequences.

3.    Read the Owner’s Manual: It’s thick, the print is small, and there is a ton of information inside of the owner’s manual, but it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the information. It’s vital to the overall vitality of the vehicle and provides important information such as recommended maintenance schedule, oil weight best for the vehicle, tire size information, etc.

how to register a vehicle in wa

Buying a car is fun and you’re eager to take it out on the roads to test it out and of course, to show all of your friends. But, make sure you do this after you’ve completed the steps above only. It is important to take the time to do things right when you spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle.