What to Know About Hail Damage

It’s that time of the year again and Lakewood residents must start preparing for the crazy and sometimes very nasty Colorado weather that oftentimes brings with it hail storms. As we all know, hail storms can cause us a lot of damage with our vehicles, homes, roofs, sheds and garages, and other items. It is important that you have a professional on hand ahead of time that you can trust to make hail damage repair lakewood co as soon as possible if your car is damaged.

Should You Drive in Hail?

If the hail is small and the storm is mild it is probably okay to proceed in a hail storm if you find yourself on the roadways during this adverse weather event. You may want to pull over when you get to a safe location, so do keep your eyes open.  If it is dangerous to drive, however, do not attempt to proceed. Pull over to the side of the road and await emergency response help.

Check Your Car

Obviously you cannot check the damage to the car until the rain and the bad weather stops. But, when it is done, makes sure that you go outside and take a look at the vehicle to estimate the extent of the damage and determine the repairs that are needed.  You want to know exactly what you are dealing with to determine how quickly repairs should be made.

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Check With Your Insurance

Do you have homeowners and/or auto insurance? This is a good time to check over the policy to learn if you are covered after hail damage. You may or may not want to file a claim, depending on your coverage and the extent of the damage, so get an estimate first!