The Next Time A Guy Offers To Change Your Oil

It is presumed at this point in time that you are up to date with your housekeeping. Or at least if you are not doing the chores yourself, you are getting someone over regularly to help you with this. Or if you are not at all; oh boy, maybe there’s no hope for you. Anyhow, if you haven’t done so yet, you should take a similarly disciplined approach to the way you look after your car. Good housekeeping is essential to keep your car well-oiled.

Speaking of which, the next time the guy at the garage offers you an oil change san rafael ca service, let him do the darn job. He really isn’t being a bug in your butt. He really is trying to help you. More than likely, the petrol pump attendant’s boss has told him to do this. He’s also told his guys to offer the incoming customers a windscreen cleaning as well. Funny how so many people, maybe you’re one of them too, turn this job down.

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Think about it. Just think how important this seemingly small job is for you. Dirty, dusty windscreens are dangerous. How’re you going to see clearly in front of you? And a dry engine? Well now, surely you can imagine the consequences of that. And the older your car, the more serious you should be about turning it in for a regular maintenance and inspection. It is all in your best interests. It’s going to help you keep your car running for much longer and it’s going to spare you those huge expenses you’d have to put up with when the engine really packs up.

And most importantly, of course, it’s going to keep you and everyone else safe on the roads.